Added by on October 17, 2013

BlackBerry will finally launch the BBM app for iOS and Android devices within the next few days. The original idea was to launch both clients on September 21st, but as we know  that has’t happened.

bbm for android and iphone

bbm for android and iphone


  • Carry on a real-time conversation with friends and colleagues in several different locations — or carry on several conversations simultaneously.
  •  You’ll be able to keep up with your BlackBerry buddies.
  • BBM upgrade notifications – BBM will notify you when there are updates to download straight from within the app
  • Manage log-in and contacts as you would if you were using an IM program from your PC.
  • Be notified by a specific ringtone or vibration setting each time a message arrives from a particular person.
  • I think if your cellphone providers service is down, BBM still works,It uses BBM data plans.

One disadvantage of BlackBerry Messenger is that you can’t send an instant message to someone unless you know his or her PIN code.





  • mike

    Just wanted to clarify here. You don’t need someone’s PIN to add them. You can use the email address that is associated with their BBID to find and add people as well.

  • bbm for iphone

    Holy crap, BlackBerry Messenger looks So Crazy! I can’t wait for this thing to come out on iPhone! Awe Inspiring!